$Id: TODO,v 1.171 2003/10/10 05:41:56 edwinh Exp $ $Name: v1_2_1 $ Flexbackup to-do list Some of these might not happen Cleanup/fix: - Consolidate use_file, use_pipe, etc to single string var. - Fix remote tape drive + mt uname conditionals are local - Clean up more $main:: vars, split into types or refactor code - When level > 9 and rm old logs/stamps, order is printed wrong (cosmetic nit) - If comp_log is changed, we don't nuke old logs that normally would be overwritten with ourselves if comp_log stayed the same. (cosmetic nit) - Fix afio w/null (FreeBSD printf can't spit out null char) - Multiple backups launched within the same second clobber each other's logs/filenames - rpm-delta mode - prelink messages clutter stderr - Whole class of cross-platform command switch stuff: - Use dump combined flags (for older dumps that want abc not -a -b -c) - Not all finds have the -fstype flag (from $traverse_fs) - Use lowest common denominator flags? Sort of what's tried now w/ cpio (This is why pax exists...) Misc: - Do .debs? - Try against torture-test list: http://ftp.berlios.de/pub/star/testscripts/zwicky/testdump.doc.html - Update mt manpages collection I keep in cvs - Pondering moving everything to savannah. Sourceforge is annoying me. mail list archives hardly work, and I hate the file release system thing being totally un-automatable. Features to add: - Remote directores for to-disk backups - Remote device via Net::FTP ? - Handle multi-volume backups (original idea w/ 'multibuf' never panned out) Found "multivol" program. Ack. still not workable. need edits to multivol... mbuffer can do this? Bah. Won't work over remote, needs terminal attached. Testing hooks in now for local. - Make package delta work with debian pkgs or others - A shorter summary status that's better than doing egrep "(error|of set|Backup of|written)" of logfile. Needs to handle all configurations.... - CD-ROM burning (or just .iso type?) for full backups? any level? just act like to-file archives, and take those files & write to CD? "iso" type with a dirtree copy? wasted space this way. be able to split archives into 650MB chunks? lots of questions - If we detect an error and are using tapes, do something intelligent to reposition tape, add another filemark, etc to get tape to known state and avoid the maybe-error in the index & what 'nextfile' is on the tape - Log tape sizes (output of buffer or dd or mt tell can be used?) - Use AppConfig module or something for config file, so it doesn't have to be in perl syntax (I don't mind perl syntax at all, not sure how joe user feels) - smbtar? doable - use fs spec of something like user:pass@host/share:dir smbtar has "files newer than" option, test don't want password echoed no exclude from find top level of shares only? - Make -extract -files for afio/cpio/zip recurse dirs dump/tar already to this. Actually just check that all act the same. - Interactive restore-like shell for types besides dump see notes below - Destdir option for compare / extract - Umask spec for on-disk archives/logs/stamps/index. check tmpfiles too. - Spiff up the contributed CGI program? - Autoloader/mtx support? Need somonewho has one to do this - Do we want to count on perl (or flexbackup for that matter) being installed on remote machines? We could do some built-in replacements for the 'find' for instance and make things more standardized. although keeping it simply built out of standard commandline utils is a big plus as well... - Make per-host path overrides possible - Make -set or -dir able to be given multiple times on the commandline (then what do we call the log file? - Stor lists of files backed up in a on-disk db (to help find what to restore from?). Actually now you can just 'zgrep filename /var/log/flexbackup/*' and that works pretty well. - Extract options to not overwrite existing files - Store the index db on the tapes? But we don't know the size ahead of time unless hard-limited resperved size. Updating db at the beginning of the tape will add tape-travel overhead for every backup. rewind->write loses the rest of the contents past the first file? - gnuplot graphs of backup size/duration vs time (parse logfiles) - Encryption with gnupg? - Make file-based backups able to use split for smaller archives? - Along the same lines of "-toc all" there should be facilities in flexbackup to query when the last level N backup of a filesystem was done and what tape it was on. -showindex /u -level 0 would print you out when the last level 0 backup was done and what the key index was. ------------------------------------------------------------- Notes for cloning restore shell for afio/tar/cpio types) Use perl readline module (Maybe a seperate program or module that runs off a list fed to it) 1) do a listing 2) parse & put into data structures 3) mt bsf 1 4) then give a shell w/ all commands from regular dump 5) mark things for extraction 6) reopen archive & extract that list Help from restore to jog my brain... ls [arg] - list directory cd arg - change directory pwd - print current directory add [arg] - add `arg' to list of files to be extracted delete [arg] - delete `arg' from list of files to be extracted extract - extract requested files setmodes - set modes of requested directories quit - immediately exit program what - list dump header information verbose - toggle verbose flag (useful with ``ls'') help or `?' - print this list If no `arg' is supplied, the current directory is used Local Variables: mode: flyspell end: